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18 amazing websites you’ve probably never heard about

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18 amazing websites

Yeah people. You can find in this article my 18 amazing websites you’ve probably never heard about. In my opinion, theses are the best, and I found interesting enough to share with you. So, let’s go to this.

1. Your age on other planets

Travel to another planet, find out how old you are and on what day you celebrate your birthday. 😀

Your age on other planet

2. Chat with a Robot

Impressive. Ask questions, and get surprised by yourself. Yes, because he replies. 😀

Chat with a robot

3. Genealogy Search Engine

Find out the origin of your surname. Genealogical platform also shows how many people in the world have your own name. 😀

All about family

4. Worldometers

Basically, everything is happening in the world in numbers. Super-twist. 😀

Numbers in this world

5. Monoface

Try it. Make dolls and changes faces to infinity. This really helps me relax. 😀


6. Compare Countries

Compare the lifestyle of your country, with others around the world. Find out what is the most expensive country, birth rate, death rate and more. 😀


7. World Life Expectancy

Speaking of dead people, here is the average life for each country. And you can compare everything. 😀


8. Music Map

This website helps you discover new artists and bands based on what you like. Just amazing. 😀

Music Map

9. You’re Getting Old

Find out and be amazed at how old you are getting. Don’t be frustrated 😀

Getting old

10. Find the cow

Hover the mouse around the corners of the screen until you find the cow. Be aware of the sound of the cow by clicking the mouse

The cow

11. Type like a hacker

Type as if you were a big Hollywood movie hacker. This is so funny. 😀

Type like a hacker

12. Earthworm

Just enjoy this wonderful worm movements. And don’t forget to use caution when handling the mouse when this dancing worm is on the screen. 😀


13. Rain

Just a sound of rain. Just incredible. 😀


14. Supercook

Have great and amazing ideas with the ingredients that you have in the house. You will be amazed at how many delicious things you can do. 😀


15. Fucking Homepage

Just enjoy this fucking homepage. You will find many interesting links with a lot of profanity to the mix. 😀

Fucking Homepage

16. Godchecker

By the way, here is the largest database of Gods and Demons. Find out everything you want to know of them. 😀


17. Sound of the weather

Just enjoy and choose the sound of the weather that you want to listen. 😀

Sound of the weather

18. Learn everything (Amazing websites)

Amazing. Speechless. Take a look around.

Never stop learning

I hope you have enjoyed these amazing websites that I have decided to share.

Just to let you know, I did a survey of other authors who shared their ideas about the amazing websites for each of them. Take a look on the links below:

You may feel free to comment, and give your opinions, even on sharing your lists of amazing websites too.

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